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Since its foundation in 1978, Ibuki Co., Ltd. has been steadily increasing its business achievements while valuing the relationship of trust with its customers.

Beginning with the real estate business, we have expanded into the parking lot management business, rental conference room business, and hotel business. Today, we have expanded into the nanofiber business, environmental biotechnology business, and food and health industry business, and are now ready to meet the diverse needs of our customers as a reliable one-stop provider.

While continuing to enhance our expertise in each of our businesses, we will continue to take on challenges in any field aiming to become a close partner with our customers for the rest of their lives.

Starting since December 2019, we have signed a business partnership with Zetta Co., Ltd., a developer company, to exclusively manufacture a nanofiber product called IBUKI NANO.

We are manufacturing nanofibers at our own plant located in Miyagi Prefecture.

Nanofibers can be used for desalination, osmotic power generation, carbon nanofibers, waste PET nanofibers, etc., all of which we are developing in our research and development facilities.



Nanofiber, the technology that change the future into the present

~ Advanced technology for Our Life. ~

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