A famous doctor recommends Our MIKOTO face masks

We received a letter of recommendation from Dr. Yukio Nagai, advisor to the Sendai Medical Association, for our “Nanofiber Face Mask MIKOTO,” which continues to provide high functionality even after washing.

The following is an English translation of the full text

As a team practitioner on the front lines of pediatric care, the prevention of viral infections within the hospital is a top priority for me, and I am very concerned about the quality of the protective gear worn by medical staff.

In this context, the “MIKOTO” face mask is an ideal product. It has the same or better virus protection performance as N95 face masks, which are currently considered the best in the industry, but with much lower breath resistance, and its effectiveness does not deteriorate even after repeated usage, which is a rare characteristic.

Ibuki Co., Ltd., the developer of this face mask, is a manufacturer blessed with advanced technology, including the application for a joint patent with the Virus Center of Sendai Medical Center regarding filters, and I hereby recommend this mask for use by not only medical professionals but also nursing care professionals, patients, and their families with peace of mind.


We will continue to make every effort to provide you with safe and reliable face masks.


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