Introducing «Ibuki Co., Ltd,» the company behind the research and development of the nanofibers


In this article, we would like to answer your question, ” What does Ibuki Co., Ltd., the company that has recently been providing information on nanofibers, actually do?” I will explain not only the company information, but also what kind of strengths the company has in nanofiber product development and what kind of products it has actually produced, so please take a look!

About Ibuki Co., Ltd.

Let Us introduce ourselves

We are Ibuki Co., Ltd.

With the real estate business as its core business, the company has expanded through the development of a wide range of businesses, including parking lot management, rental conference rooms, and hotels. The company was founded in 1978. We have an exclusive production of nanofiber “IBUKI NANO” through a business alliance with Zetta Co., Ltd., a development company.


They are Ibuki Co., Ltd. exclusively manufactured nanofibers!
Professor Emeritus Akihiko Tanioka of Tokyo Institute of Technology, who is also an authority on nanofibers, invented these particular typ of nanofibers, and we mass-produce them at our own domestic factory using proprietary technologies.

A business alliance to produce massive quantities of nanofibers!

Another company whose name has been mentioned earlier, Zetta Co. We would like to discuss the relationship with this company, which is inseparable from IBUKI NANO, in order to exclusively manufacture Ibuki’s nanofibers!

Our relationship with ZETTA

Launched in 2006 as part of a national project on nanofibers. The project was terminated in 2011, but the members of the project established a company, Zetta Co., Ltd., to continue their research.

What is the proprietary “Zetta-Spinning” technology?

Zetta’s proprietary production technology achieves overwhelming productivity, 20,000 times higher than the conventional electrospinning method. The ability to mass-produce nanofibers with a fiber diameter of Φ400 nm has enabled safe antimicrobial effects using van der Waals force (intermolecular force), which was not possible to utilize until now.

Van der Waals force refers to the force that acts between atoms, ions, and molecules. The attraction exerted by the van der Waals force causes the nanofibers to exhibit a strong absorbing power.

The products launched by Ibuki and Zetta

Let’s take a look at some of the products that Ibuki has actually introduced to the world!

Nanofiber Face Mask Mikoto

This high-performance mask is achieved by the “Van der Waals force” introduced earlier. The ultra-fine filter made of nanofibers and the attractive force acting on the fiber itself make this mask excellent in “absorption power” and “performance maintenance.


  • Capable of catching up to 99% of virus-sized particles
  • After opening the package, the mask will not lose its performance even after washing unless the mask itself is damaged.
  • The three-dimensional shape of the mask provides a high degree of airtightness and breathability, making it easy to breathe.



Oil Absorbent sheets «WATAPOI»

The oil adsorbent “WATAPOI” developed by IBUKI NANO absorbs up to 50 times its own weight in oil and retains more than five times as much oil as other companies’ products (according to our own research). Because nanofibers absorb only oil and allow water to pass through, this oil adsorbent can be used not only for household use but also as a marine pollution countermeasure in tanker capsizing accidents, making it a product that can greatly contribute to the global environment.



How was it? In this article, we introduced the activities of Ibuki Co., Ltd, which provides information on nanofibers. These activities are just a part of nanofiber research, and nanofibers have great potential! If you are curious about nanofibers, please take a look at our other articles!